Angela Connolly’ Conference – March 20th 2016

Summer School 2015

A.R.P.A.’s newly acknowledged junior colleagues have completed their basic training by submitting mature, rich, consistent and creative dissertation papers.

When I enrolled in the A.R.P.A. courses, I thought to already know everything and to have done it all. The members of the examination commission gave me the wonderful chance of accepting me as MA. It took me two yearstoslowlypeel outand throw away mylayers ofinfatuation, incomplete ordownrightmisleading knowledge,wrongly understood spirituality and false humility. There is still a lot to be worked on with regard to those things I have not become aware of until now.

The A.R.P.A. courses and personal development have brought a significant contribution in this process. Conducted in a warm and professional manner, my personal development turned out to be a true mirror of the parts I didn’t want or couldn’t see. And the courses made it complete, by the involvement of dedicated teachers, who are passionate about the areas they reveal and eager to share with us. We are a group of people with similar interests, growing together, wherein I felt from the beginning on to be in the right place.

I invite you to find out, too, what the A.R.P.A. basic training actually means, but I guarantee that you will discover something wonderful – yourself, closer to who you truly are.

Gratefully yours,
Victor Flueraș

Photographs from the 2014 dissertation exam, class of 2012-2014

Photographs from the 2013 dissertation exam, class of 2011-2013