Series of exhibitions “Images of the soul” made with papers (drawings, pictures, lithographs, sculptures) of the analyzands.

A.R.P.A., The Romanian Association of Analytical Psychology is preparing for the first time a series of exhibitions under the name “Voices of the soul”, where exhibitors reveal the inner world, its transformations and the conscience that is in contact with them. A fascinating world, full of personal and collective meaning. Often apparently mysterious but linked to the real life to a great extent! It is a live, passionate and friendly world, if given the possibility to be listened.

The exhibition is thus aiming at opening people’s path to the soul, giving us all the possibility to explore, contemplate and understand, so that we will no longer be afraid of our unknown part, where there is no blind and threatening darkness but a living world full of resources and vital energy.

Our soul does not conceal holes with tenebrosity and garbage; it can open quite often, by dreams and artistic expression, the unlived energies and instincts that make sense for survival, the fears that once confronted act like a beacon, opening new perspectives; a darkness full of glims that can become guiding lights, a guide to who we are, our image about ourselves and about life.

We are thus able to recapture the happiness of life, sometimes lost in the daily windings, we can reorient our sails to the true aims of each of our lives, and we can find the way to the joy of life. Drawings, colours, sculptures are not an automatic dictation, they represent a confrontation between the rational and seeker of meaning ego and the beauty of the inner world, full of emotions, images, and stars of the inner sky. And finally, we are often able to feel, see and comprise the voice that sustains life and the creation of the world.

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