The Romanian Association of Analytical Psychology (A.R.P.A.), established in 2000, is the only institution accredited in Romania that trains in the Jungian analytical psychotherapy and counseling, having an experience of over 14 years, internationally acknowledged. A.R.P.A.s training activity has been accredited by the Body of Psychologists in Romania since 2005. The training also comprises techniques for activating and interpreting the materials of the unconscious; the theory and interpretation of dreams; the interpretation of drawings and mandala, active imagination and sand play, interpretation using amplification- symbol analysis in fairytales, myths and legends; reductive, dynamic and synthetic interpretation.

The core courses focus on the Jungian theory regarding the psychic structure and dynamics, psychological types, the theory of complexes and addictions, the Jungian perspective regarding psychopathology; regression processes, adjustments, the individuation process. Central to the training activity is discovering the relationship with the self and the world, the sense of destiny and of individual myth, rediscovering the joy of life and of the sacred, the capacity to understand, reflect and create.

Specific information regarding registration, conditions, curricula, professors/ trainers are described at the Training Institute.

A group of development and a group of routers have been operating in A.R.P.A. since 2009 and they continue their formation in the Jungian analysis/ psychoanalysis under the coordination of I.A.A.P.

A.R.P.A. also offers the possibility to enter into Jungian analysis through A.R.P.As members with license to practice.

Moreover, clinical professional courses are offered to clinical psychologists and psychotherapists, specialized in other methods of psychotherapy, who wish to enlarge their explanatory frame.

A.R.P.A. has constantly offered formative workshops for the schools of integrative psychotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, art therapy, as well as trainings in the sand play technique and analysis of symbol in the dream material.

For the general public, A.R.P.A. offers sessions of personal optimization and self-knowledge, parenting or workshops for optimizing the relations in the professional group, described in Services.

A.R.P.A has a huge scientific activity and also of artistic manifestation through plastic art, poetry and images, described in Scientific Activity and Artistic manifestation, where both psychotherapists and patients participate.